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Due to the current conditions regarding Covid 19 we are currently not holding any events with Commando Kids. Please keep at look at for future events shortly.

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All the best childhood memories start outdoors. It’s true. In fact three-quarters of adults say that their fondest summer memories are of playing outside during the school holidays. But we already knew that at Commando Kids, and that’s why we have put together lots of fun things for your children to do outdoors to ensure that they positively thrive. But not only in the summer, for we also know that the best ever fun is also to be found on the wettest muddiest days too!

The Great Outdoors

Playing outdoors is much much more valuable to your little ones than just fun! Nature play also teaches kids to break down barriers and find skills and talents they never knew they had! It enables them to use their outside voice! They get to shout louder, climb higher, be more creative and use their senses more than ever before. Throughout their time participating in our Commando Kids activities your children will develop their strength, learn through play, improvise solutions and cultivate a sense of self and place. Feeling connected to the wild in such environments as the ones we use here at Commando Kids teaches your child to feel free, and what could be more important than that?

Bookings Now Available

· Qualified teachers and DBS vetted staff
· Children are put into age appropriate groups
· Activities bespoke designed to challenge each age group effectively
· Lots of fun, exciting and educational activities
· Develops children’s health and fitness
· Improves confidence and resilience
· Optional Extra collection times for busy parents 
What’s Included:
  • Full instruction and supervision by former Royal Marine Commandos and Qualified Teachers.
  • Marshmallows and Hot chocolate  for camp fire
  • Kit and equipment for the day.
  • Inside Cabin for Lunch and Snacks
What’s Not Included:

Important Information

Once you have paid and secured your place please complete the Commando Kids holiday form and Par-Q.

Forms can be completed electronically using Adobe reader.

This needs to be emailed to Dave at
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