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On Friday we left work and headed to a ‘secret location’ to begin our survival training with Adventure Fitness. Dave and his experienced team of ex-Marines put together a course to test us to breaking point in extreme conditions. The objectives were simple – could we survive as a team in the worst case scenario if the trip suddenly went really wrong.
We approached the 80 acre woodland in our van with apprehension. First, we then undertook some essential first aid training which was designed to help us in the event of a traffic accident. Mike’s ‘hands on’ approach was effective and we will all remember the fundamentals to saving a life. We were then taken through the forest and taught how to forage for the essential ingredients for survival. We collected food, cordage and tinder which we later used to start our fires. We worked as a team to overcome a variety of challenges set by our instructors, such as crossing water, bow hunting and snaring animals. We were even ambushed and tied up during border crossing scenario training. Scary stuff!
We left the woods on Sunday having acquired a new tool-kit of skills, not just for the Mongolian trip, but for general survival. A huge thank you to everyone at Adventure Fitness for all the effort put into preparing us with military precision and having a good laugh too!”

George, Paddy, Alistair, James, “Mamooth Steppe Mongolia Rally team 2014”
I had a amazing day here yesterday (9/03/14). Beautiful scenery, great equipment and a lot of fun! Check it out

Chantelle Dingwall -bootcamp warrior

Absolutely loved my first session, thank you so much. See you all in two weeks 🙂

Amy Stokes

Hard work but pure fun!!!

Sarah Alexandar Beard

Good training, good laugh, good people

James Wootton

Excellent training, brilliant facilities! See you next week for more of the same!

Lee Gimson

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