Team building



At Adventure Fitness we offer a range of programmes to help even the most hard to reach students that will promote positive attitudes, communication and social awareness. Our tasks and training is designed to maximise potential through confidence building activities. We truly believe in the potential of every young person and will endaveour them to inspire to achieve excellence.

Key Areas we develop;

Health and Well being

First Aid

Leadership training

Team Building


Self awareness

If required we can conduct in house training delivering nutritional workshops, leadership training and team building. If you are looking further a field we have venues located at the Lickey Hills, Earlswood Lakes and Malvern. All areas are beautiful and strategically located close to the heart of the Midlands. If your inetrested in conservation and would like to step back in time we have access to a beautiful 70 acre ancient woodland in Salisbury plain.

Please download and view some of the excellent activities your achool or college could be getting involved in.





Team building


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Our MISSION: To positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.

Our aim is to provide fun, challenging events to positively develop companies, teams and individuals.

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