Fitness Ideas for the Busy Body

High Intensity Interval Training


In a world of children, technology, work and social lives trying to fit in a two hour round trip can feel like an extra choir when it comes to fitness. For most middle aged parents finding time to get three good fitness sessions can be extremely time consuming and get pushed to the back of the cue with other priorities taking hold. I know, I have three children myself and no matter what a personal trainer or fitness instructor tells you, unless they have children themselves they probably don’t understand. I remember having my first son, all good intentions to get out of the house fro 09.00am sharp. Then they decide to fill their nappy, require a feed, then winding, then they are sick on their clothes and they need a fresh set. Before you know it lunchtime has appeared and you are just getting them in the car to leave the house.


Firstly, don’t feel guilty. I too have found it difficult to juggle work, family life and instructing classes leaving little spare time to get my own training in. What I realised is spending two hours lifting weights or the nice long gym sessions are not happening for a while. I want to enjoy my kids and believe life is about balance. Unless your planning to be the next Mr universe why waste hours in the gym when there are more efficient ways of training.



Over the last year HIIT classes are gaining huge popularity as they can be as effective as an hour longs workout. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is not for the faint hearted. It’s intense and will push you to your limits.

If you are up for a challenge a HIIT Session can be completed within 20 minutes burning up to 13 calories a minute! Surely this is more effective than dancing around in a gym doing Zumba for an hour.


Try this workout below to awaken your nervous system, get the blood pumping and your metabolism on firing…..


The Workout

Have a two minute warm up and mobility session. Complete each exercise for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest. Take 60 seconds rest after all for exercises and complete a total of 6 rounds


Press Ups



Mountain Climbers

6 Rounds

30 seconds each exercise

10 seconds rest

60 seconds rest intervals

Enjoy and let us know how you get on.



About The Author

David served as a Royal Marine Commando for over 7 years operating in some of the worlds most hostile environments. A highly qualified and experienced personal trainer he has helped hundreds of people build their fitness and confidence through his Commando bootcamp and team Adventures.

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