Our MISSION: To positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible. 

What makes you healthy? What will bring your team success in the future? How do we develop children to become well rounded individuals?

We believe developing you, your team, your child requires more than a few workouts at a gym or walk in a woodland. We believe we hold the key to unlocking the potential of every person we train and develop. We have been enhancing the health and well being of people from as young as 4 right up until their 60’s. We work with a range of clients using the skills and experience from decades of experience in elite sport and elite military units.  We change lives. 


Through years of research and thousands of pounds spent on courses we have designed programs that help all age groups become fitter, healthier, more confident and significantly improve their overall well being. From outdoor fitness classes to our outdoor adventures it’s all geared around one thing. To improve you!

Combining cutting edge training secrets from sports and military professionals our work is unique and rivalled by none.

Some of our programmes include;

  • Commando HIT – High intensity workouts delivered both in and outdoors for beginners to advanced. Sessions are fun and constantly varied
  • Survival training – We teach people how to thrive in the wild.
  • Team building – Bespoke events designed to enhance company performance and team moral.
  • Expeditions – Canoe, climb and explore the globe on one of our outdoor adventures all geared to improve personal well being.





David Peplow  is a former Royal Marines Commando of eight years. Additionally, he has worked across the globe providing Armed protection in hostile environments. A highly qualified personal trainer and qualified further education lecturer. David works with elite clubs such as Worcester Warriors and Birmingham Moseley Rugby.  David is a highly specialised personal trainer, sports conditioning coach, outdoor enthusiast and a BSc Sports Science graduate.  Furthermore, he is a 3 time national Taekwondo champion.

What motivates me?

Inspiring people to make positive changes, improve lifestyle and improve their health gives me a kick. When a customer comes back from one of our Adventures beaming with memories, confidence and joy, to the lady that has glowing skin and returned to full energy and vitality with our expertise and guidance. That gives me a kick… knowing that I have made a positive impact on someones life.




Business and leadership Coach

Rob Bull spent a decade within the Royal Marine Commandos and served on global operations from Iraq to Afghanistan. Rob Spent much of his time training the Royal Marine Officers and potential Marines developing physical fitness and enhancing team cohesion. Also a qualified personal trainer Rob has a passion for delivering excellence in his training. He works with local businesses, schools and colleges to develop them into high performance teams. His knowledge and experience has helped many businesses increase productivity and leadership using his motivational strategies.



Leadership/ Fitness coach

Stuart Gould is a former  Royal Marine Commando of ten years serving on global operations from Afghanistan to Norway. Stuart trained Royal Marine recruits developing them to the high standards expected at Lympstone Commando. A keen sportsman he was a semi-proffessional footballer, represented the Royal Marines football team worldwide and is a qualified FA coach. Stuart loves seeing people achieve their goals and is passionate about coaching people to success.


Leadership Consultant and Business Coach

Lee Gardener, a former Sergeant within the Royal Marine Commandos has expert experience in management of personnel in high risk operational environments throughout the Globe. Lee has accumulated a significant number of qualifications in leadership, management/coaching and physiology, an area in which he excels. He is a strategic thinker, possessing superb communication and organisational skills and a key player in the personal development of people, from the general public to managing directors of large corporate companies.


marty sweden








Bushcraft and Survival Master/ Mountain Leader

Martin Carter served as a Medic in the Royal Navy. He spent his career attached to the Royal Marines providing medical support to his comrades in hostile environments. Martin is a highly qualified Bushcraft/ survival instructor an hill walking guide. Martin shares his excellent knowledge of these subjects with an infectious enthusiasm that transpires through all.

Commando Mum fitness Instructor

Kate Ward – Kate is a qualified Pre and post natal expert and has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist in top gyms around Birmingham. In addition, Kate has played elite level sport  representing England, Birmingham City and Aston Villa football club. Kate is known for her challenging workouts to maximise cardiovascular fitness and fat burning. Kate supports the men and women of the fitness tribe to improve all aspects of their training. 




About Us


Our MISSION: To positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.

Our aim is to provide fun, challenging events to positively develop companies, teams and individuals.

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